Beauty in older women: Exhibition launch July 2014

You might remember one of my earlier blog posts about this project. I am delighted to say that it is now complete! The artist, Edo Zollo, has written this guest post:

Beauty in Older Women Photo Project

By Edo Zollo

‘Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety’ – Shakespeare

I am excited to tell you about a forthcoming photography exhibition, featuring beautiful older women!

My project celebrates beauty with 10 photographs of women over 65. The photos challenge the stereotypical view of ageing women as unattractive and ‘past it’.

I wanted to explore the reality of women getting older yet still feeling attractive, and to emphasise the wisdom, experience and beauty of age. I have travelled from the North to the South of England and Wales, meeting a lot of women.

After a year of travelling, emails, calls and meetings I am over the moon to announce that I have photographed 10 women, age 67 to 79 years old. The photographs feature the women in classical portrait poses, but in contemporary urban settings.

Say Hello to our 10 Women: Carol, Gillian, Hazel, Joyce, Margaret, Myra, Solange, Val, Vikki, Gubbise.

In this project celebrating beauty in older women, I tried to show as much as possible the life behind the picture. This is why I have also interviewed the women participants and encouraging them to write or talk a little about themselves, why they took part, and how they see themselves as they get older.

The longer we live the more experience and insights we gain, and I am excited to hear their stories.

Margaret, who I recently photographed on London’s South Bank, said of the project:

‘And this is not about being attractive this is about showing that it is okay for older women to be noticed and admired. As older women seem to become ‘invisible’

The project has gained the support of Hanover, the leading provider for older people looking for high quality retirement housing, with over 22,000 residents on over 600 locations. I am pleased an organisation that caters for older people values this visual exploration of beauty, ageing and vitality.

From July 7th-13th, at Craft Central Gallery in Clerkenwell, London, free entry

Edo Zollo


t: @beautyolder

Follow the project blog here

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