Sexual rights book

Our book on the sexual rights of older people is the first academic text to focus specifically on this subject. It covers a wide range of topics including sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual assault, online dating, and sexually transmitted infections (see the Table of Contents below).

Co-edited with Dr Catherine Barrett, Director of Celebrate Ageing, the book has contributions from leading experts in the field and a Foreword from Professor Kevan Wylie, Consultant in Sexual Medicine and past President of the European Federation of Sexology.

Why not check out the sexual rights framework too. If you’d like to purchase the book you can get 20% off using the code FLR40 on the Routledge website.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the sexual rights of older people
Sharron Hinchliff and Catherine Barrett

2. Bundles of potential: The sexual rights of older people
Catherine Barrett and Sharron Hinchliff

3. Framing the sexual rights of older heterosexual women: Acknowledging diversity and change
Rachel Thorpe, Bianca Fileborn and Laura Hurd Clarke

4. Older men’s experiences of sexuality and their relevance for sexual rights
Hans Wiggo Kristiansen and Linn Sandberg

5. The hidden sexualities of older lesbians and bisexual women
Sue Westwood and June Lowe

6. Transgender older people: At Sea, far from the sexual rights shore
Loree Cook-Daniels and Michael Munson

7. Intersex ageing and (sexual) rights
Joe Latham and Morgan Holmes

8. Sexual assault of older women: Breaking the silence
Bianca Fileborn, Catherine Barrett and Karen Roberto

9. The challenges in reducing STIs while fulfilling and enhancing the sexual rights of older people
Graham Brown, Anthony Lyons. Sharron Hinchliff and Pauline Crameri

10. Challenging the ‘viagratization’ of heterosexuality and ageing
Catherine Barrett, Emily Wentzell and Rafaella Ferrero Camoletto

11. Older people as cyber-sexual beings: Online and internet dating
Sue Malta and Summer Roberts

12. Conclusion: Moving forward, implementing change
Sharron Hinchliff and Catherine Barrett

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