I’m Professor of Psychology and Health at the University of Sheffield (Division of Nursing & Midwifery) where I teach and carry out research into ageing, sexual and reproductive health, well-being, and gender.

Using insights from psychology, my work addresses inequalities in healthcare and wider society and tackles negative social stereotypes and harmful discrimination that individuals can face. It is firmly embedded within a sexual rights framework.

I write about and create educational resources that promote understanding of ageing and sexuality for professionals and the public, and which ultimately support mental well-being and human relationships. Check out the ‘more’ tab to see my publications, blogs, and media stories.

A hugely important part of my work are the collaborative projects with partners within and outside of universities (e.g. NHS doctors and nurses, service providers, policy makers, artists, community groups). We have worked together to co-develop innovative resources to support healthy ageing.

I am currently Departmental Director of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (Health Sciences School). I sit on the Executive committee of the Sheffield Sexual Health Network and I am a member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Task & Finish Group for the Menopause Care suite of educational materials. As an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society I am guided by their ethical code of conduct, and as Fellow Higher Education Academy I am a qualified lecturer.

My PhD and BSc (Hons) are in Psychology (Sheffield Hallam University); my doctoral research was one of the first studies to explore women’s lived-experiences of dance drug culture in the 1990s. The findings provided a counter-narrative to the negative gender stereotypes of women drug users that prevailed at the time. I am from a working class background and the first member of my family to go to University.

This website includes blogs and other information that connect with my programme of work. Take a look around (access each theme by the ‘Tag Cloud’ at the bottom of the page), and feel free to connect through LinkedIn, Twitter, or through this website.

She Inspires Girl Up Award (winner 2022) celebrates an exceptional woman who has been kind and supported other women to achieve their goals

National Sexual Health Awards (finalist in the micro influencer category 2021) recognises excellence in sex-positive education and information

British Psychological Society Public Engagement Award (winner 2021) recognises and rewards members who undertake excellent communication of psychology with the public

Supervisionary Award (four consecutive years), University of Sheffield, recognises good all round supervision that has made a big difference to doctoral students

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