About me

I work at the University of Sheffield as a Reader in Psychology and Health. Based in the Division of Nursing and Midwifery, my research and teaching is in the area of ageing, gender, and health. I lead a programme of research (established 2001) which explores ageing, sexual health, sexual well-being, intimate relationships, and psychological aspects of health and healthcare. The research is underpinned by a sexual rights approach, which sits firmly within human rights.

Learn about my research here, and my teaching here.

My first degree and PhD are in psychology. My PhD explored the meaning of recreational dance drug use to young women in the 1990s. As well as providing insight into the 90s dance club culture in England, the findings challenged traditional representations of femininity in the context of recreational drug use. It was one of the first studies where women were interviewed about their experiences, and thus were given an outlet for their voice.

Professional activities

– Committee member of the Sheffield Sexual Health Network

– Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

– Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

– Director of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (Health Sciences School, University of Sheffield)

– Member of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology

– Member of the White Rose Gender Equality College

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