The 50 over 50 project: Women, ageing, identity, and appearance. Exhibition July 2014

50 over 50
UPDATE the exhibition will run 3-10 July 2014 at the University of Brighton. Further details can be found here:
What a wonderful project. Lou, a 62 year old student at Brighton University, UK who is studying for a MA in Fine Art is working on a project that will include images of women over 50.
Here is the info from her website:
My final show in October 2014 will include images of women over 50; women who have not resorted to society’s pressures to look young, women who are comfortable with their appearance, or who question the obsession with the appearance of youth.
My work is based on identity, image, ageing, pretence and the pressures to look youthful regardless of our true age.  To look ‘good for your age’ is considered a compliment.  Is it really? What does it mean to look ‘your age’?  Is 50 really the new 40?  I believe that the narratives we are told via the media, whether it be the Channel 4 series such as ‘10 Years Younger’ or their more recent ‘How Not to Get Old’, the message is clear – it is not acceptable to look old.
So, I need your assistance please.  If you are over 50 and haven’t had cosmetic surgery or botox or any kind of fillers, please send me a large (300 dpi, minimum 6″ or 15cm high,  photo of your face,  just a clear head shot please. Obviously you would need to be happy for it to be used in an exhibition at Brighton University next year. It could also be posted on this site if you were happy with that too.
What’s in it for you, you might ask.  Well, you would be part of a gratifying project which celebrates ageing rather than trying to erase it. You would also be part of a slowly growing backlash against the invisibility of us older women  – just check out the links  here And, of course you would also receive an invitation to the private view in July 2014! Though not all photos will be used in the exhibition, they will all be put on this site.
Please spread the word and post any questions or comments that you may have or mail me privately at

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