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My recent blog posts on websites hosted by, for example, the American Psychological Association, the Journal of Advanced Nursing, and the Sexual Health Research Network are below. Click on the titles for more information. Get in touch if you have an idea for a blog post that I can help you with.
Are you guilty of positive ageism?
Exploring the less well known side of ageism: positive ageism. Published on the American Psychological Association’s website ‘Psychology Benefits Society’ to coincide with the 2016 International Day of Older Persons
Old age and sexual assault: An invisible and silent issue
This post on the sexual assault of older women was published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing’s interactive blog, which was launched to mark the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (December 2015)
The secret sex lives of older people that can make us rethink our idea of intimacy
My most recent article published in The Conversation (September 2015) explores changes in our sex lives that we might experience as we get older
When it comes to older people and sex, doctors put their heads in the sand
My article published in The Conversation (June 2015) looks at the reasons why older people may not seek help for sexual concerns, and the reasons why health professionals tend not to be proactive when it comes to the sexual needs of their older patients
Misrepresented and mocked: research on women, ageing and sex
As part of a multi-author special blog piece on media representations of sexual health, from the Sexual Health Research Network, my guest blog post focuses on a study we carried out on women, ageing and sex which received a high level of media interest
It’s your hormones dear. Time for a rethink on menopause and sex
Hosted on the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association blog, this guest blog post explores the medicalisation of sex at menopause and mid-life
Research Survivors: Tips by Senior Academics & Professionals
In my guest blog post for the Research Survivors section of the New Academic by Nadine Muller, I gave my ‘top tips’ for postgraduate research students who were studying, and early career researchers working, in higher education

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