A selection of blog posts I have written elsewhere:

Don’t ask, don’t tell: Silence in the medical encounter when sexual problems, ageing, and health conditions meet
For the British Geriatrics Society: Older adults are at an increased risk of sexual difficulties due to ageing and chronic health conditions. While they experience barriers to seeking and receiving help for sexual difficulties there is a dearth of research about the help-seeking journey

Love is in the air: Relationships, intimacy, and social connection for the over 50s
For Age-friendly Sheffield: With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Dr Sharron Hinchliff has shared some thoughts about love, the different connections in our lives, and the significance of intimate and sexual relationships as we grow older

Older people still want sex – they should get the support they need
For The Guardian’s ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ section: Sharron draws attention to the need to support the sexual health and well-being of older adults, and introduces the AgeSexAndYou website

Age, Sex and You: A new website talking about sexual changes for older adults
For Ageing Equal (Europe): Dr Sharron Hinchliff introduces the Age, Sex and You website as a tool to learn about the sexual issues that can affect us as we get older

Promoting and supporting the sexual rights of older adults
For Ageing Equal (Europe): Sharron’s post was published as part of Ageing Equal’s 70 day Global Campaign against ageism

Are you guilty of positive ageism?
For the American Psychological Association: Dr Hinchliff explores the less well-known side of ageism: positive ageism. Published on the APA’s website ‘Psychology Benefits Society’ to coincide with the International Day of Older Persons

Old age and sexual assault: An invisible and silent issue
For the Journal of Advanced Nursing: with a focus on the sexual assault of older women, to mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

The secret sex lives of older people that can make us rethink our idea of intimacy
Published in The Conversation: Dr Hinchliff explores the meaning and place of sex and intimacy within the lives of older adults

When it comes to older people and sex, doctors put their heads in the sand
Published in The Conversation: Dr Hinchliff discusses the barriers patients and doctors can face when it comes to supporting sexual health and well-being in middle and older age

Misrepresented and mocked: Research on women, ageing and sex
For the Sexual Health Research Network: Sharron focuses on media representations of sexual health, gender, and ageing

It’s your hormones dear. Time for a rethink on menopause and sex
For the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association: Dr Hinchliff explores some of the sexual changes that can take place at menopause and busts some myths

Research Survivors: Tips by Senior Academics & Professionals
For the New Academic: Sharron’s ‘top tips’ for postgraduate research students and early career researchers in higher education (part of Research Survivors on the New Academic)

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