Privacy policy is a blog set up by Sharron Hinchliff, and is administered solely by her. The purpose of the blog is to communicate and connect with a community of people who are interested in the topics covered on this blog. It is not a vehicle for sales, and information which belongs to individuals who read and comment on the blog are not shared or sold. It does, however, collect data. The privacy statement below outlines how data are stored and what your rights are.

Privacy statement respects your privacy. Like most blogs, it collects non-personally identifying information that web browsers and servers typically make available when individuals visit the blog (e.g. the date of visit, the referring site). These data are collected by to help understand how visitors use the blog (e.g. to identify the most popular blog posts). may use these non-personally identifying data as an aggregate e.g. in the form of a report which outlines visitor numbers, and the countries where they are located. Again, these data do not personally identify the visitors. also collects details when visitors leave a comment on the site. This includes the Internet Protocol (IP) of the visitor, which can only be seen by the administrator of this blog. does not disclose this information to anyone. Email addresses or social media account names (e.g. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook) are collected when visitors leave a comment. Email addresses or WordPress account names are collected when visitors sign-up to follow the blog. does not share these personally-identifying details with anyone, although and its affiliated organisations (which provide support for by sending email alerts to followers when a new post has been published, or who check for spam) may have access (see the WordPress privacy policy here). does not sell personally-identifying information to anyone. It will only disclose such information in response to a legal request, or if disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of or the public at large. reserves the right to not publish visitor comments. It also reserves the right to publish a comment sent by email if our response to your comment would help or support other visitors. takes all reasonable measure to protect against unauthorized access to the website.

Followers can unsubscribe at any time. Visitors who provide comments can request that their data are deleted at any time (use the ‘get in touch’ form).

Cookies uses cookies in line with See their Cookie policy here. When you visit for the first time, a banner will inform you of the cookies and provide a link to this privacy statement. If you accept cookies, your consent is considered to be obtained and the cookie acceptance banner will no longer display on your screen.

Links to third party websites may include links to other websites. These websites are governed by their respective privacy policies, so once you leave and visit another website, check their privacy policy.


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