Visible: 60 at 60. Women, ageing and art

Similar to the project by Brighton based Artist Lou Trigg who recently completed her 50 over 50 project, New Zealand artist Jenny O’Conner has completed a photography project of 60 women who were 60 in the year their photo was taken.
The project Visible: 60 at 60 has been published as a book of photographs supported by short stories written by the models themselves. Jenny was inspired to find out how the women viewed themselves, and how they believed society viewed them. She also wanted to explore what was important to the women as they reached their 60th year, and how they felt about their own futures.
Interestingly, the women in Jenny’s project talked about how they felt more visible than the midlife women of earlier generations. The women in 60 at 60 saw themselves as being in a much more privileged position than their mothers at midlife; having more choice, having the option to be involved in activism, and having their voices heard.
The project website can be accessed here.
A short video clip of the photographs is below. Enjoy these 60 women, aged 60, shown in 60 seconds!

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  1. I just took a break from writing about turning sixty-five and the pressure on women to appear uniformly youthful when I came across your wonderful project demonstrating the creative and diverse styles of women in my age cohort. A lift to my spirits! thank you!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and for your words of support. Your work sounds very interesting and I’d love to hear more about it!

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