Under the duvetđź’‹This audio-play will challenge your taboos

Sex is a sensitive topic. It’s deeply personal and, when it comes to older age, it’s taboo. We’re trying to change that.

The Age of Love audio-play is a story about an older couple, Frank and Joy, who are dealing with a sexual difficulty. Set as a fictional podcast, Joy shares their story with the (lovelorn and intimately frustrated) podcast host Flavia.

The play aims to inform, educate, and entertain, and does this by taking a light-hearted approach to a serious topic. We hope to make it easier for people to talk more openly about sexual well-being.

Don’t blush! The audio-play contains mature themes and sexual references.

Age of Love audio-play

More about the project

The audio-play is part of a set of resources designed to raise awareness of an important yet taboo topic, and to promote better communication. The Age of Love started off as an art exhibition when Pete McKee brought Sharron’s research to life through his much-loved working-class couple Frank and Joy.

For Festival of the Mind 2020, writer and performer Christopher Green worked with the original Age of Love story to produce this uplifting play. Chris wrote and produced the play (he also played Flavia and Frank). The role of Joy was played by Melanie.

L-R: Sharron Hinchliff, Christopher Green, Melanie Crawley, and Pete McKee.

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