The art of romance & everlasting love

Love that lasts. The Elderlies is a visual story of older couples who have been together for many decades.

London-based photographer Sujata Setia, known for her natural style that is infused with colour and emotion, asked real life couples to pose for engagement and newly-wed style photographs.

The result is a powerful representation of love, intimacy, and commitment. 

I can’t think of anything more uplifting at this current time, when people across the world have been separated from the ones they love. Kept at physical distance, starved of touch and human connection, as we try to survive the coronavirus pandemic. 

Not only that, the images that make up the Elderlies stand in stark contrast to those we see in the media, where older adults are presented as frail, lonely, and in need of care.

So enjoy this beautiful collection of everlasting love, and the range of wonderful emotions this work evokes.

Over on Instagram Sujata shares her photographs alongside a narrative that tells us something about the life of each couple. It is so worth a look.

For more beauty, check out Sujata’s Instagram, Website, Facebook, and Twitter

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