Backseat Bingo: Sexy seniors seeking the same

Liz Blazer

Produced by the film maker Liz Blazer, Backseat Bingo is a short animated documentary which explores ‘sexy seniors’ who are seeking the same. It won the Assisted Living in America (ALFA) short film competition on ageism in 2013.

The documentary is a humorous and heart-warming look at older people, relationships and sex, and was inspired by her grandfather falling in love when he was aged 82. The participants talk about sexual desire as something that stays with you, that love, romance, physical touch and companionship remain important, and that the meaning of sexual activity changes with age.

The documentary challenges the asexual stereotype of older age, but also the double-standard of gender and (heterosexual) sexual activity as one female participant (aged 84 years) asks ‘What about a woman using a man? Is that terrible?’

I enjoyed watching this documentary: it is quirky and gets the message across. I hope to see future short films which build on it to include older people in diverse relationships and from a range of backgrounds.

Liz Blazer – Backseat Bingo – Animated Documentary from Liz Blazer on Vimeo.

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