Old, beautiful bodies

Once again I have found an artist who is doing wonderful work on the ageing body beautiful. Jade Beall has a wide portfolio of work, influenced by her motto ‘Truthful beauty and self love’. One of her projects focuses exclusively on older people; it is entitled ‘Elder, Wise and Beautiful Bodies’.

I’ve already blogged about why projects like these are so important. But to reiterate one point here: in a culture where women’s physical appearance is scrutinised, where they are accused of not ‘ageing well’ or, alternatively, celebrated for ageing well (i.e. because they look younger than their biological age), projects like this are a refreshing change.

Let’s support Jade in her cause to share ‘untouched photos of women alongside their stories of their journeys to build self-esteem in a world that thrives off women feeling insecure’.


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  1. This is so powerful. I went straight over to Jade’s website. Never seen anything quite like it before. Those pictures brought tears to my eyes…not sure why. Maybe I just needed to see it. Thank you for your beautiful blogsite!

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