Let’s talk about sex (and seniors) with Joan Price

Joan Price has been described as a ‘sexpert for seniors’, and there is good reason for this. Joan is an award winning author who provides honest sex education for older adults, offering tips and advice on sex through her blog, webinars, self-help books, and newsletters.

Her most recent book The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain – or Regain! – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life delivers practical information in way that is friendly and accessible to all genders and orientations, and for those with a partner or without.

Joan is unique in the work that she does, and is very much in demand as a speaker. Why not check out her website.

I’m a huge fan of Joan’s work, and needless to say I was delighted to speak with her for this blog post. Here’s what Joan had to say. Enjoy, and feel free to comment at the end!

The sex lives of older adults is quite unique in that not many people write or blog about it. How did you get into working in this area?

Senior sex education is my third career. I was a high school English teacher for 22 years. Then, after my fitness habit saved my life during an automobile accident (as I saw it, my heart was strong enough to go on automatic pilot until help arrived), I became a fitness instructor and a health and fitness writer for many years. At age 56, I met the love of my life, Robert, age 64, and our exhilarating love affair inspired me to write Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty at age 61. I didn’t know at the time that senior sex would become my profession, with more books and articles following, and a thrilling speaking career. At age 75, after 14 years in this field, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.

You describe yourself as an advocate for ageless sexuality, can you say more about what that role involves?

I talk out loud about senior sex. We’ve kept this topic under the covers for too long. Our sexuality changes with age, but we can remain joyful, sexual beings lifelong. We need education because sex now is not the same as younger age sex. The more we understand the changes and how to cope with them, the happier we’ll be – and the more orgasms we’ll have.

It’s clear that you’re very passionate about your work, what’s driving you?

It’s frustrating when I see people giving up on sex, or enduring bad sex, because they lack the facts, concepts, and strategies that I can provide. I feel it’s my mission to help seniors make helpful changes. So I write books, articles, blog posts, and a newsletter, and I give workshops and webinars. What drives me is this mission to teach, plus the heartwarming thanks I receive. I love my work!

You write a lot and use social media to engage with older adults, what work is on the horizon that we need to know about?

I’m very excited about my new book, Sex after Grief: Navigating Your Sexuality After Loss of Your Beloved. To get more news about this and perhaps become a part of this book, please subscribe to my newsletter here.

You’ve worked in the area of sex and older adults for many years. Have you noticed any changes in the acceptability or awareness of the sexual activity of older adults?

Yes. When I started 14 years ago, many people had the “ick” reaction: “Yuck, old, wrinkly people having sex? Ugh.” Now, although this still happens sometimes, it’s more likely that I’m met with acceptance and even enthusiasm when I talk or write about older-age sexuality.

Finally, what does the future hold for the sexual lives of older adults?

The more we educate ourselves, accept our changes, and celebrate our aging selves, the more joyful our lives will be – including our sexual lives. We may need to put some old beliefs aside when they don’t serve us anymore. But with a spirit of adventure, we can redefine aging!

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