I Know a Woman Like That

I Know a Woman Like That is an uplifting documentary produced by Elaine Madsen and her daughter Virginia Madsen. They were inspired to make the film to show younger women what they have to look forward to.

“I keep waiting to find out what old is”

A host of women, including some famous (e.g. Gloria Steinem, Lauren Hutton and Eartha Kitt), talk about what it means to be old. The youngest is in her 60s and the oldest in her 90s.

In this short trailer for the documentary (which is up for public release later in May), the women challenge negative stereotypes of gender and age. They talk about themselves feeling enriched, knowledgeable, beautiful and powerful.

There is also mention of sex. Watch for yourselves – I don’t want to spoil it for you (2 minutes and 16 seconds in).

While these women are incredibly vigorous and positive, the film presents a certain view of ageing which, unfortunately, won’t be a reality for all women.

Even so, I am looking forward to watching the full documentary. Films that celebrate ageing and older women don’t come around that often.

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