Bodies, beauty, and burlesque: Artist celebrates ageing femininity

Stephanie Diani
Stephanie Diani is a Los Angeles-based photographer who has produced this wonderful project The Legends of Burlesque.
It features portraits of women who performed burlesque for many years, often decades, of their lives.

It’s refreshing to see work that explores ageing, sexuality, and dance in this way.

And to see the juxtaposition of the ‘old’ body against the ‘sexy’ dress of burlesque. By presenting two features we would not expect to see together, the project challenges our expectations of ageing as well as our expectations of burlesque.

This work is great. And if you like it too, check out my other posts on artists, femininity, and ageing bodies via the ‘art’ tag cloud at the bottom of this page.
The Balde 

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  1. Reblogged this on Mindful Bodies Blog and commented:
    Dr Sharon Hincliff writes about female aging and we loved this piece about burlesque.

  2. Johanna, thanks for the kind words.

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