I’ve been carrying out research into gender and health for 20 years, and my particular interests are in the following overlapping areas: ageing, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, sexual well-being, intimate relationships, and psychological factors of health and healthcare.
Current projects:

  • Combating rising sexually transmitted infections among older Australians (Australian Research Council)
  • IntimAge: Developing health promotion materials that focus on intimacy and sexuality in the third age (Erasmus+)
  • Healthy sexual aging: A Trans-European mixed method study of sexual problems and well-being in older adults (Norwegian Research Council)
  • Identifying and managing perinatal mental health in male partners using the Born and Bred in Yorkshire (BaBY) cohort: A White Rose Collaboration in Gender and Perinatal Health (White Rose University Consortium)

Previous projects:

  • Sexual health and quality of life across the adult life-course
  • Managing sexual health in primary care (general practitioners and primary care nurses)
  • Women’s experiences of sexual problems
  • The meaning of sexuality and sexual well-being to women
  • Midlife, menopause and sexuality
  • Women’s use of illegal ‘dance drugs’ (e.g. MDMA; cocaine; amphetamine)
  • Young women’s body image in a socio-cultural context
  • Gynaecological cancers and quality of life including sexuality
  • Reminiscence activities in care homes

You can download a full list of my publications and conference presentations from the ‘publications’ tab at the top of this page, view my Google Scholar Profile here and my ResearchGate profile here.

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