I’ve been carrying out research into gender and health for 20 years, and my particular interests are in the following overlapping areas: ageing, sexual and reproductive health, sexual well-being, intimate relationships, and psychological factors of health and healthcare.

Current projects:

  • Healthy sexual ageing: A Trans-European mixed method study of sexual problems and well-being in older adults (Norwegian Research Council)
  • Combating rising sexually transmitted infections among older Australians (Australian Research Council)
  • IntimAge: Developing health promotion materials that focus on intimacy and sexuality in the third age (Erasmus+)

Previous projects:

  • Sexual health and quality of life across the adult life-course
  • Managing sexual health in primary care (general practitioners and primary care nurses)
  • Women’s experiences of sexual problems
  • The meaning of sexuality and sexual well-being to women
  • Midlife, menopause and sexuality
  • Women’s use of illegal ‘dance drugs’ (e.g. MDMA; cocaine; amphetamine)
  • Young women’s body image in a socio-cultural context
  • Gynaecological cancers and quality of life including sexuality
  • Identifying and managing perinatal mental health in male partners using the Born and Bred in Yorkshire (BaBY) cohort: A White Rose Collaboration in Gender and Perinatal Health
  • Reminiscence activities in care homes

You can view my Google Scholar profile here, my ResearchGate profile here, and my ORCID here. Details about my publications and talks are available from the tabs at the top of this page.

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