Hello and welcome to my site. I lead a programme of research, education, and innovation on ageing, gender, and sexual health/ sexual wellbeing. Using insights from psychology, my work addresses inequalities and the problem of discrimination in healthcare and wider society. It is underpinned by a sexual rights approach, which sits firmly within human rights.

On this site you’ll find blog posts about ageism and sexism, gender and sexuality, beauty ideals, and intimate relationships. Use the ‘Tag Cloud’ at the bottom of the page to access these topics.

Central to all of my work is to challenge negative social stereotypes and harmful prejudice and discrimination that adults can face. I am founder of the #SexRightsAge campaign which fights for equal sexual rights for older adults, and co-editor of the first text to focus on the topic (learn more here).

I have a PhD and BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University. My PhD was one of the first to explore women’s recreational dance drug use in the 1990s, from their own perspectives, and provided data that challenged the gender stereotypes of women drug users.

Professional activities

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