Hello and welcome to my site. I’m an academic and my work sits in the social/health psychology field. I am passionate about addressing inequalities, especially those that affect our health and well-being, and particularly in relation to (older) age and gender.

On this site you’ll find blog posts on topics including ageism and sexism, gender and sexuality, beauty ideals, intimate relationships, sexual health, and sexual well-being. Use the ‘Tag Cloud’ at the bottom of the page to access these topics.

Central to all of my work is to challenge negative social stereotypes and harmful prejudice and discrimination that older adults can face. I am founder of the #SexRightsAge campaign which aims to raise awareness and improve understanding of the sexual rights of older adults.

Find out more on the ‘About me’ page. And if you’re interested, we have published our book on Addressing the Sexual Rights of Older People here.


Please note that the views expressed on this site are mine and not necessarily those of the University.
Photo credit to Kate Mitchell in Corporate Comms (thanks Kate!)

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