Reviews, commentaries & reports

Download a list of publications here
Hinchliff, S. (2016). Sexual health and older adults: Suggestions for social science research. Reproductive Health Matters, Special Issue: Sexuality, sexual and reproductive health in later life. **Open Access for a limited time**
Darwin, Z.J., Galdas, P. and Hinchliff, S. (2015). Fathers’ mental health and wellbeing during and after pregnancy: A White Rose Collaboration in Gender and Perinatal Mental Health. A report of a roundtable event held on 11th September 2015, University of Leeds
Hinchliff, S. (2013). Sexuality and intimacy in middle and late adulthood. Ageing and Women- Has the sisterhood forgotten older women? International Longevity Centre (UK)
Clegg, M., Wylie, K., Hinchliff, S. & Hallam-Jones, R. (2010). Female sexual dysfunction: British Association of Sexual Educators’ response to media coverage. Rapid Response. British Medical Journal
Hinchliff, S. (2009). Commentary on Watson R (2009) Editorial: The war on old age – should nursing declare neutrality? Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18, 3059–3060
Hinchliff, S. (2007). Book Review: Managing the monstrous feminine (Jane Ussher). Psychology of Women Section Review
Hinchliff, S. (2006). The importance of consulting original resources when evaluating research. The Psychologist, 19(9), 553
Hinchliff, S. (2004). Review essay: The new Hite report on female sexuality updated. Sexualities, Evolution and Gender, 6(2-3), 195-207
McKee, K., Wilson, F., Elford, H., Goudie, F., Chung, M.C., Bolton, G. & Hinchliff, S. (2002).  Evaluating the impact of reminiscence on the quality of life of older people (Research Findings: 8). Sheffield: ESRC Growing Older Programme, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield

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